Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cold Chillin'

Aye, today was a good day.
Woke up late and ate cereal and toast in front of Top Gear while Jake was out causing havoc, then it was out to the back roads on the C90.
Met up with Faithir who insisted in getting his photo taken before heading out for a wee adventure.
Faithir on his bike.

And then he opted for a real bike!

The experience.

I had a wee spin on Faithir's GS. It feels much more refined than mine. It pulls from fuck all revs in higher gears and the stock exhaust sounds ace with the loud valve, but I wouldn't chop my GS in for one quite yet. Its still a pretty similar (and fucking good) riding experience, but I'll be sticking with my tractor for a while yet.
Anyway, I carried on on my travels. It got pretty fucking cold, my face and hands went numb at one point. I couldn't feel my nose running, or wipe it away. Tasty! 

After taking Faithir's photo we went to Dave's for a brew then headed back out, going our own ways. I headed back to the hills via Peaston.
Peaston in the distance.
On the right track.
Regular followers may recognise the boiler in that last photo. I assume its had something to do with the railways but I'm sure my mate Bruce can shine a light on it purpose.
I carried on. It was a wee bit cold but nice and sunny and I think I ended up in someone's garden, but what a view they have.

Someone's garden?
Nice eh?


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  1. You fucking nutter, enjoyed your blog though!