Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Bike Photos part 1....

Ok, I've had a request for more bike stuff on here. Now I have thousands, and I mean fucking THOUSANDS of photos of my bike in various locations, and some of older bikes and other folks bikes. Some will be old and some will be new. So if this gets boring, blame Roger.

Me and Pete testing Wylie's RD
One from back in the day. Here's me handing the helmet over to Pete while test riding Wylie's RD125LC that Pete had got going. I got 96mph out that bike! (on a closed road obviously)
Check out my hair.

XT belting doon Harris.
Here's Ferg on his XT belting doon Harris. 2010

Slovenian border.
The GS on the Slovinian border. 2007

Just outside Spott.
One of GHC's auld bikes and my GS in East Lothian.

Camping at St Marys
Admiring Bert's Harley at St Mary's Loch. 2007

my GS and Stac Pollaidh
My GS and Stac Pollaidh, from my first proper trip away on the GS. 2006

Churchill Barriers, Orkney.
At the Churchill Barriers, Orkney. 2009

Winton Massif in the Bayview, Lybster.
The Winton Massif in The Bayview, Lybster. 2010

My GS at Longniddry
WW2 anti tank blocks in East Lothian.

There will be more.
As I said, blame Roger.


  1. Jeez..what is with the hair? Some great pics there Mike. How do you like the GS, it is a 1200 isnt it? I am thinking of getting a duel purpose bike for a bit of off roading. I would be interested in your thoughts, perhaps you should do a blog about it ......unless you all ready have and i missed it! Doh!

    "Fergs" pic is a kracker!

  2. The hair was ace! I went through a phase of dyeing my hair loads of different colours. Now its fucking grey! I've had the GS off road a wee bit. Its a big heavy bike to chuck about but is fine on land rover tracks, I'll post some pics up soon. If you were doing proper off roading you'd probably best going for a second hand XR 400 or similar, something that is easy to pick up when you drop it. If you want to ride relatively easy trails and carry camping gear something like a GS is ideal.

  3. Oh, and my GS is the older 1150 model. Its still pretty good to ride. My Dad and my mate Andy had the new GS 1200 ADV with the twin cam motor. They are undoubtedly better bikes, just not £8000 better. My mates Bert and Liam both have the 1100 GS, these are also great bikes. I've ridden Bert's yellow one quite a bit and I think it has a slightly better seating position than my 1100. Get a shot of a GS, but make sure you get a good few hours on it as it can take a wee while to get used to riding one due to the funny telelever front end.

  4. Michael I agree whole heartedly on your advice to Roger. The lighter the better. Even the XT is a bit of a pain off road and it's a feather weight, I think about 160kg, next to the GS! My money would be on a Suzuki DRZ of some form, there's a few or like Mike said a Honda XR. If you could find a TTR 600 that would be rather nice too.
    Awesome pics Mike, it is not a chore seeing them all again!