Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Triumph Explorer 1200.

Me and Bob went up to Two Wheels on Saturday to check out the new Triumph Explorer. It looks pretty GS like, having a similar looking rear swing arm and "beak" as the GS. I had a wee sit on it and it felt like it should be pretty comfy, it felt a bit more top heavy than a GS too but this would be expected considering the Beemer's boxer engine. As should be expected there's loads of options and extras available. You can get panniers, heated grips etc and Arrow do a proper exhaust for it so it won't sound like a toaster.
I took some photos with my phone.

Looks OK eh?

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  1. They haven't hit showrooms around here yet. We hear maybe May.

    They had one at the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle in December and we ogled it. The consensus was that it was a cool, but heavy machine.