Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick, narly, rad, extreme........

Due to being skint this month I've been unable to get the C90 back on the road and have any adventures on it, but I've sourced some anti rust paint off Faithir to paint the underside of the now clean back end, and I recon I've found a not bad pair of tyres for twenty quid. The GS has a new battery in it and I'll start getting it serviced and ready for the good weather as soon as I have the money, and my car just passed it MOT, so all in all its looking good on the vehicle front.
So I've been spending a fair bit of my spare time out on the push bike practicing my stale skills and pedalling around the place. The biggest achievement over the past few weeks was "nailing" my first "sick drop." I have to admit, it left me feeling pretty fucking stoked.... I was shiteing myself a wee bit before I done it.
Anyway, pictures speak louder than words so here's a bunch.
Jason cycled to the top of Gullane hill.

Crossed up.
Droppin' in!
The pic doesn't show how steep the trail is.
Dave shreddin'.
Gus rips it up.
Jason lets it hang ooot.
Me feeling stoked.
Gus belting doon the hill.
Gus shows how its done.
A big thank you to Dave and Jason for their photography skills.


  1. Nice post Mike, good riding pics too...and some sick air!

  2. Cheers dude! That secret track was fookin awesome. You make it look so easy on your video!