Sunday, April 12, 2020


Like the rest of the world I'm in lockdown. No biking for a while. I managed to get a few runs in before it all happened so I've got a few things to post here. As always I've been pretty active on social media which is a great way to keep in touch with folk in these dark times.
There's been a fair bit of arguing about whether of not you should be riding, with lots of people saying they need to for the sake of their mental health. I can understand where they are coming from. Riding my bikes is one of the few things that keep me grounded and sane but with what's going on with everything the bikes have to stay in the shed. It's just not worth potentially spreading the virus not to mention the hassle an accident or breakdown could cause. So at the moment its all about maintaining the bikes than riding them. Anyway here's a few photos and video from local rides I got in before lockdown.

BMW K75 in the Scottish Borders

BMW K75 in the Scottish Borders

These were from a wee run down the Borders to the Riverside Bakehouse in Abbey St Bathans. They honestly make some of the best bread I've ever tasted and it's a nice run down on some single track roads from here in East Lothian. Definitely one to add to the list of runs to do when we get over all this shit.

BMW K75 and some old fuel pumps.





One of my last runs on the trusty BMW K75, Mikey Sunter, was a short spin down the coast. I think people are going to really appreciate what we have on our doorsteps if we make it through Covid 19. 

Another thing I done was to make a video of the past year and a bit gopro footage. I'd accumulated a fair bit from the trips so chucked it together along with some royalty free music. I tried to keep it similar to the video I made from our Europe tour a couple of years ago. I don't think I've posted that up before either, so here ye go.

The Sunart Wildcat Rally I was due to hold next weekend has been postponed till September. I managed to collect some of the raffle prizes and the rally has practically sold out. It WILL be happening when it's safe to do so. I know lots of folk were looking forwards to it.

So, back to the bikes. It's the C90 that's came out best. I've given the areas that were looking a bit worse for wear a good tidy up and a paint and fixed some cracks with more high quality cable tie stitching. It's far from good but looks good from afar! I'd MOT'd it and got it back on the road just before the lockdown and it made an excellent bog roll delivery bike when the panic buying started and some of my family members were running short on arse wiping materials. Yes, I even made a video of that. (the C90 MOT run, not the arse wiping)
The XR has had a good clean and is ready to go as is the Africa Twin. I've got a few wee bits and bobs to do service wise as well. Even Mikey Sunter got a new air filter which was a bit overdue a change.




So that's all there really is to say. I've got a write up from another trip we done to the Outer Hebrides last year which I'll get done when I can drag myself away from Call Of Duty Warzone on the xbox. Apart from that all I need to make sure to do is not drink myself into oblivion, keep the heid and wash my hands. Just keep in mind that viruses don't move, people do. 

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we'll get out for a spin soon.


BMW K75 and some old fuel pumps.