Friday, October 29, 2010

A few firsts

The past few days have brough a few firsts for me. The first first was arranging to meet up with a bunch of folk of an internet forum. Bruce, AKA Coastkid, had arranged a ride round the coast on the Singletrack World forum. This run led to my second first, I was up before half nine in the morning. On a Sunday. On my day off. Cheers Bruce.
The run took us through Gosford and Luffness to Gullane, then back along the coast to Longniddry. I had a wee shot of Bruce's Pugsley, a crazy looking balloon tyred bike designed for riding on sand and snow. It was great fun riding around on it, I hadn't ridden a bike with hub gears before and I thought it was great especially not having a derailleur to worry about getting burst.

Bruce flying the Pugsley

All in all I had a good time. The guys on the ride all made me feel welcome and I had a top day out. For a full write up of the day and some videos check Bruce's page here. Just keep an eye out for the sexy bastard with the green fleece on the pink bike.
The run really nackered me so I refueled myself with some homebrew and the rabbit that the Hoodster had shot for me. Fuckin champion!

The next big first was my first trip to Glentress. Woody arranged the trip and Aaron, Jason, Morton, Dave, Woody and myself headed down after a gid breakfast at Dave's.
Dave'll be on masterchef next year.

Jason pre mud.

Another viz style "up the arse" moment? Answers on a postcard.....

The plan was to ride up to the top of the red route and hammer down, then have a wee play about on the jumps. The climb up was hard going but good fun, there's loads of rocky bits, skinny wooden bits and logs to try and ride over and wee stopped for a few rests to make it a bit easier.
Everyone will be glad to see that Morton has got himself a crash helmet this time.

Aaron takes a well earned rest

Morton attempts the skinny log thing.

Jason's 1000 yard stare
The gut at Glentress.

Spooky Wood, the top part of the red route, was shut for repairs, so we turned off the diversion and joined the track further down. Just near the top Aaron and Morton missed the diversion and got split from the rest of us. They ended up at the mast at the top of Glentress and came back down their own way.

I didn't stop to get any pictures of the way down but it was ace fun. the track is alot smoother than the one I did at Golspie, with loads of big berms and jumps. Still, it was just as hard going down as it was going up. We had good weather on the day but it had been pishing down with rain the day before so the rock and roots were a wee bit sleppery. By the time we hit the bottom and cycled back up to the jumps we were all well fucked. Dave, Jason and I caught some "phat air" over the jumps and watched other "dudes" do some pretty impressive stuff. Sick.
After that we hit the Hub for some cake, soup and a full breakfast for Morton (he rates it at three out of five chainsaws.)
Another top day, good effort from everyone.
We'll be doing this again.

Team Extreme.
Left to right - Aaron, Dave, Jason, Woody, Morton and me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caithness Holidays

I've been up to Caithness for beeg G's wedding and a wee holiday. It was good to see the Caithness crew and have a few beers. HB drove up, her first time driving back up to her Dad's in Lybster where we stayed, she shat it a wee bit on the Berriedale Braes but kept the wee 106 tamed!
I took the push bike up with me and rode the black route at the Highland Wildcat Trails at Golspie. I'd watched loads of videos and heard a fair few stories about the place but  it doesn't give you a real idea about how steep it all is.The climb had me proper fucked at some points and (unlike me) I got lost so missed the lactic ladder section and ended up going the lang way roond, I still had a good sense of achievement getting to the top. Coming back down is mental. The first few sections had my arse going like a rabbits nose, but one I got used to it I got a wee bit faster and even caught some "air". Radical.
Can't wait to get down to Glentress now to see what thats like.
The only downside to the Golspie run was me losing my phone in the car park at the end of the day. Hopefully the insurance will sort it all out.
Monument to George the Bastard, Duke of Sutherland.
He was responsible for the Highland Clearances. Probably not the most popular monument around.
Fat Twat on a pink bike at the top of Ben Bhraggie. Fuckin get in!
 I still haven't managed to get out on the GS yet, which it a bit of a pisser as the roads will be gritted soon, but the C90 has been getting some action. I got 60 out it tonight, maybe something to do with the cold air (and the tail wind.) Pretty soon I'll have someone to race. Fast Morton has got himself a C90. Its a 1976 6 volter. It needs some work but should be on the road soon!
"I'm going to fit 3 turbos blah blah......."
"The nitrous tank will go here etc......"

Watch this space.....

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My fitness must be getting better. The other day me and Morton managed 31 miles on the bike, with Morton borrowing my old Klein. We went to Macmerry, through Gosford estate at Longniddrie to Aberlady. From there we headed to Drem airfield so Morton could see round the bunker, but there's a sign up now asking folk not to go in as this is the bats hibernation time. After Drem we attempted to go the ridge road  from Athelstaneford over the Garleton hills, but I got lost as usual. The track starts beside the school and I managed to bring us out at the church about 20 metres up the road. What a fud! So we ended up taking the road up to the top of the Garletons then the track down to Haddington then home. We were pretty fucked towards the end but I felt alot better tahn I thought I was going to.

Morton grabbing some sick air.

Ropeswing at the Garletons trail.

3 of my 4 bikes! Sold one now though.
With the Klein away there should be less bike juggling around the shed.

Big aaron has started his own fitness mission! He's bought my old Klein off me. I gave him a lift down to collect it on the C90. 

And the breaking news is Morton has just got himself a C90 too....

UPDATE I've just realised the picture on the video is a viz "up the arse" moment if ever I seen one. Fux ake.