Monday, September 30, 2013

Lazy Bastard. Updated at last.

I've not updated my blog for fucking ages, but I've been doing loads of shit so here's a wee update.

As in proper motorbikes. The C90 is still fucked and crying out for a new exhaust valve/engine.
The R1200GSA is fucking awesome and now has over 6000 miles on the clock, the stories that go along with it will be up here soon as.

Winton Massif - Black Forest 2013

Winton Massif - Last Trip of 2013

I'm still cycling as much as possible, mostly using the Pugsley as the 456's brakes are completely fucked. I replaced the back wheel with one that Sweeney gave me which gave me one pedal around here before the brakes gave up the ghost. I had some time off the bikes too as I completely fucked my ankle crashing into a cut down tree on the Pug. I'm still commuting as much as possible on the Langster which I'm now running as a fixie, cool motherfucker that I am.

Ben got married and asked me to be his best man which was awesome, so I've got a couple of pics from that too. The Winton Massif have been buying new bikes too which you'll see over the next wee while.




More to come real soon.