Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I fucking love good weather.

I fucking love good weather, and we've had plenty of it over the weekend. On Saturday me and Gav went for a wee cycle round some local trail. There was a fun run/cycle organised by the local school and there was folk all over the place telling us which way to go. We tried explaining that we weren't in the cycle but they just kept saying "This way, this way!" So we figured we'd follow it. When we came to the end of their route we had planned to go along the river, but there was folk shout "Get up that hill!" and pointing up the hill to the school. So up I went. I didn't fucking make it though, due to my intensive maintenance schedule my front mech is really sticky, so I ran out of puff. Luckily they had a photographer on hand. Once we'd stopped off at the school for some shortbread we carried on our way. I had the Gopro with me, here's the video.

Making an arse of the climb.
Sunday was another awesome day and Ben, Aidan and myself headed out on the bikes for a run down the Borders to St Mary's Loch. It was even warmer than Saturday, perfect weather to properly try out my new open faced Roof Bamboo helmet. Aye, you read that right. A fucking crash helmet genuinely made from bamboo! Its really good, much quieter than I thought it would be. The visor keeps the wind and flys out your eyes while still allowing them to smash you in the mouth. A bee in the puss at 70 smarts a little to say the least. Ooya. Still, I really enjoy the open lid. I've tried it on colder days and its no where near as bad as you'd think. I was riding around on cloudy days just after I got it and it was fine. 
Anyways, we stopped at the famous Glen Cafe on the bank of St Mary's Loch, a popular stop for bikers, and got some Irn Bru before heading home. Here's some photos. 

Haar and the hills.

Glen Cafe at St Mary's Loch

Glen Cafe at St Mary's Loch

Irn Bru and Bamboo



The bikes.

Some guy on a chopper.

Ben on his Trumpet.

Aidan on Dignity.

Ben on his Trumpet.

A fucking brilliant weekend.

Haar and the hills.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bike Show 2012

Last weekend was the Scottish Motorcycle Show. HB and myself went for a wee look around along with Bob and Faithir and Maw. We bumped into GHC and Brian too. I batterd off loads of photos, here's some of them.

Ducati Panigale
The new Ducati Penigale, flashy new sportsbike  if thats yer thing.

Quality Norvin
Quality Norvin
Crackin auld Norvin.

Nick Saunder's bike.
Nick Saunder's bike.
Nick Saunder's bike.
Round the world adventurer Nick Sander's Super tenere.

GHC, Bob and Faithir
Brian's chips.
GHC and Brian sample the food. Yum yum.

Fucking mental fast thing.
This is a fucking mental trike thing. The guy does 160 MPH face down head first on this thing.

Chop chop.

Awesome flathead.
Awesome flathead.
Lovely old flathead bob.

Velocette Boardracer
Velocette Board racer. I'd love to hear this thing run.

Dolly birds

Kwacker Triple

Nice Norton

Bobby D and Faithir.
Bobby D and Faithir.
Faithir and Bobby D
Bobby D's wheels.
Bobby D's bike won a "Highly Commended"

Ducati Supermono, this'll be worth a couple of quid.

Trumpet trials bike

Nice Victoria
A Victoria, made in Scotland.

Some nice Honda CBXs

Paint by Smillie
This bike was painted by Smillie Paint, the same guy who's painting my Pugsley.

Its not a GS..
Looks closely. Thats no GS...

Bamboo Lid!
A Bamboo crash helmet!

The Hobbit
The Hobbit
John Hobb's The Hobbit, classic twin engined blown drag racer.

Caption on a postcard
Trying out the Yamaha XT660 Tenere

HB on a Tenere
It seems to work for HB.

HB on a Trumpet
But I think she prefered the Street Trifle

Harley 72
Of all the bikes at the show, this is the one I'd have. A fucking Harley 72. Good shit.

And see that Bamboo helmet? I bought the fucker. I'll do a post on it soon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kinchie Wids

I managed to get out for a wee blast down the trail that Bob and I cleared the other day. Here's a wee video of the trail. I've adjusted the bra mount for the gopro so it should be much less Blair Witch than last time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Clearing the trail.

Around the village where I live we're lucky enough to have loads of good trails to batter about on the pushbikes. One of my favorites is the wee bit of woods known as the Kinchie trail. The bad thing is that the Kinchie trail often has problems with trees falling over and blocking it, as you can see from this video I made a while ago.

Recently it has been really bad. A few massive trees fell over the trail that were impossible to move, so I grabbed the chainsaw and Bob and myself went up and sorted the fuckers out. It was easy peasy until we came to this massive tree that had been blown over and was caught up in other trees. I had been given a few pointers from Treeman about how to tackle stuff like this, but wind fallen trees can be pretty unpredictable when you're cutting them. So for over half an hour or so we tried to get it cut but when it started creaking and groaning we didn't really want to be to close to the tree so we tried hitting it with big bits of wood. This didn't work. After a wee while Bob took the bull by the horns. Here's what happened.

I'll get down there on the pushbike with the gopro soon and make a wee film.