Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 wheel living.

Not long after New Year I was fucked with the cold so I've not had that much stuff to post up untill now. I've decided to get rid of my car. I've got the GS, the C90 and HB's car when she's not using it so the old Toyota is away. I live under four miles from my work and my boss gave the OK to use my work bike for commuting. I've added a few bits and bobs like a rack and I'll be putting the pedals from the 456 on it once I get new ones from Superstar.
The work bike with a fuck off log splitter on the rack.
Commuting has been OK so far. I got a merino wool base layer for Christmas from Faithir and Maw so I've been warm enough, even when coming home at 3am when its -5! I'll need to get a decent waterproof jacket, so far I've been lucky enough to avoid any really heavy rain. I think I'll go with the Altura Nevis jacket that my mate Bruce recommended.
I was planning on taking the car to the scrappy's and putting the money I got into the Pugsley fund, but then I heard that Aaron was needing a car, so I gave it back to him for a bargain price. The car has lasted well since I bought it off Aaron in 2008 just over three years ago for £300. I might get another car in the future but as always I won't be spending over £500.
Aaron's chuffed as fuck to have the old Toyota back.
The Pugsley is slowly taking shape. The wheels are by far the most expensive part and I managed to get a Large Marge rim cheap from ebay. Bimble Bomble also got me a hip flask and cage for it which it well cool. I'll buy another rim soon, I doubt I'll find another on on ebay, but I'll be keeping my eye out for other bits and pieces.
My rim.

As well as commuting by pushbike, I've been getting out on my 456 and farting around with the Gopro. HB got me a chest mount for Christmas so I went for a wee spin around the local trails testing it out. I was a really nice day but freezing cold, all the mud on the trails was frozen solid. It was great fun to get out and not get covered in shit and the hard trails were way faster to ride.
The Gopro chest mount. It looks like a fucking bra.
 456 at Saltoun
456 at Saltoun
456 at Saltoun
Can you see the Saltire in the sky?
456 at Saltoun

Here's the film. Mind and click the quality up to HD unless you live in a fucking cave and don't have a fast enough connection.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

Just a wee quick post to say Happy New Year everyone!

HB and I spend Christmas up in Caithness visiting her Dad and Brother. As always we had a great time and plenty laughs with the Caithness massif before coming down the road for Hogmanay. We had an epic party, squeezing 35 or more folk into our we hoose! 
There's a few changes in the post, but I'll put them up over the next few days. I got a few christmas presents that I can use for my blog too. More to come!
I'll leave you with this nice pic of Malky, HB's Dad.
Take a lick o' Malky's jeer.

Hope you all had as much fun!