Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

Just a wee quick post to say Happy New Year everyone!

HB and I spend Christmas up in Caithness visiting her Dad and Brother. As always we had a great time and plenty laughs with the Caithness massif before coming down the road for Hogmanay. We had an epic party, squeezing 35 or more folk into our we hoose! 
There's a few changes in the post, but I'll put them up over the next few days. I got a few christmas presents that I can use for my blog too. More to come!
I'll leave you with this nice pic of Malky, HB's Dad.
Take a lick o' Malky's jeer.

Hope you all had as much fun!


  1. Happy New Year, Mike. have a good one :-)

  2. All the best Mike... might take you up on the kind offer mate!