Sunday, February 19, 2012

Would you have a Harley?

Harley Davidson bikes appeal to loads of different folk. They have a huge following, to some folk Harley is a way of life, which is a wee bit fucked, I know. Harleys have been used in loads of films, have a massive custom scene, have been successful in motor sport and make a great sound. Despite this, loads of folk I've talked to say they would never have a Harley, which is fair enough but most of these folk have never ridden one. Some Harley haters don't even have a bike licence! The UK bike press do give Harley's a hard time. Sure, they don't really handle that well and their motors are the best way to turn petrol into noise without producing horsepower, but they aren't all about going fast and getting your knee down. A Harley is about chilling out, taking in the scenery, making lots of noise and often being an attention seeking bastard. They are great fun bikes that make you smile. If you are a Harley hater but have never had a shot of one give them a chance. Make sure you get a shot of a Harley without standard pipes as the stock exhaust keeps the bike far too quiet. You never know, you might love it.
Faithir has had a fair few Harleys and my mate Bert has had his for years. I've been lucky enough to have a shot of them. 
Bert's Harley
Faithir's Harley Sportster.

Would I have a Harley? Fucking right I would.

Bert's Harley


  1. Great post.

    Me mum has had Harleys and my brother is the sales manager at a Harley shop here in Oregon. Do I ride a Harley, nope. I've ridden on me mum's (broke down mid trip).

    Would I own a Harley - yes if it was an XR1200. That model would be a hoot to ride. Closest thing to a standard they have.

  2. Would I have one? Sure why not. I love motorbikes and last time I looked a Harley fitted that description. My favoured Harley would be a customised cafe racer sportster in the spirit of Roland Sands Design or Shaw Speed and Custom. There's also the XR1200 which if you want some performance and handling is a great blank customising canvas as far as i can tell. Adrenalin Moto do an excellent kit to get it looking like a 70's XLCR and there's plenty of engine mods to get it pulling your arms out their sockets. You could look all mean and cool like Michael Douglas in Black Rain. Dinnae particularly like all the chrome on their bikes but would be tempted by a Fat Bob. I also love the Flat Tracker look which is another customising job I think Shaw Speed do for the Sporster. In short, I respect peoples biking preferences but don't understand anyone who has a love of bikes being so strongly anti Harley. You could give me a C90 and I'd be happy although generally it's just wankers that have them.

  3. Not sure I would have one, they have never been something I have been keen on. I am certainly not keen on the whole "harley thing". NOt to say that I wouldnt have one in the future. But who knows.

    1. Had one but didn't take to it. It's for big blokes really. Now I,ve got a Honda fifty.