Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dope skillz dude....

Last Sunday I went to Glentress with Paul and Gary. Not having a car, I can't get down there unless HB's off her work or I can borrow the crazy bus, so I was pretty grateful of Gary offering to drive us there. The weather was great, sunny but not too hot and nae rain or strong wind, awesome. We did the usual run up to Spooky Wood*, followed by Hit Squad Hill* and Super G*, before heading up the firetrack to ride The Matrix*. We then skipped onto the black trails to ride The Bitch*, a steep rocky fucker that I hadn't ridden before. Gary took of at his usual extreme pace but got a puncture, followed by Paul. I took it slow and steady and had no real troubles riding it until Paul shouted that my water bottle had fallen off. It was't my bottle, but when I stopped I found it pretty hard to get my feet back on the pedals and get rolling again. I had my Gopro with the chest mount on. Here's the video.

Gary's puncture fixed, we rode along a bit fire track where I spotted a steep trail going down the hill next to us. It has to be one of the steepest descents I've ridden on a pushbike. Paul came off riding the steepest bit. I shit it and walked down and still fell on my arse. What a fud!

It was a great day out. We all had a good laugh and hopefully I'll be able to convince someone else to have a shot of the BraCam next time we're down.

Inspired by my trip to Glentress, I hit our local mini trail centre here in East Lothian. I was fair "railing the berms" and "jackknifing the turns" which was fucking great fun. I also "nailed" a fucking tree which resulted in a wee scratch on my arm. I got HB to take a photo of it of course. 
Where the fuck have my guns gone?


  1. Bloody hell , more meat on YAK's vegetarian fallafel.

  2. Awesome. The trails you guys ride continue to amaze me. When you fall down just walking you know that sh*t is steep.

    I don't think that last one was a bike trail, looks more like a deer or goat track. Was there a watering hole at the end? :-)

    Great videos though. Makes me want to get out and ride.

  3. Av seen mair meat in a Butcher's pencil

  4. I've seen a bigger knot in a piece of string :o)