Thursday, September 7, 2017

Booster Plug - Review

Booster plug? I hear you ask. Isn't that one of those "resistor of justice" type things?
Well, yes and no. There's a bit more to it than that. Booster Plug explain the science behind it all here, but (I think) what it essentially does is richen the fuel/air mixture a wee bit. Due to the really strict emissions laws we have, bikes run really lean from the factory. A slightly richer fuel to air mixture will mean a much healthier engine with better throttle response.
Richer mixture? More fuel? What about my fuel economy? And the environment?? Are you Donald Trump???
OK, calm doon. Booster Plug say the mixture is only richer when it has to be (have a look at that link I posted) and it wont affect your fuel economy. Are they right? Will it make any difference at all or is it just snake oil? Well, that's what I was going to find out.
£127 gets you the booster plug. It comes in a nice box with photographic instructions. Speaking with the guys at Booster Plug they told me they were in two minds about producing the unit for the Africa Twin due to the difficulty of fitting it. The Booster Plug goes between the bike's connectors for the Air Intake Temperature (AIT) sensor. On most bikes it only takes ten minutes or so to access the AIT sensor. On the Africa Twin you need to lift the airbox to get to it. This means removing all the plastics and the tank, not an impossible task, but fairly more advanced than two Haynes spanners.

booster plug

Straight off I tested my bike against Faithir's non Booster Plug Africa Twin. We both agreed that my bike pulled better lower down with the booster plug fitted. The throttle seemed slightly a bit smoother and less snatchy too, not that I really had a problem with it before. I've now done 7 thousand miles with the Booster Plug fitted. My bike's just had the 16k service too. I can safely say hasn't been any negative effects on the bike's fuel economy and the engine appears to be running well after looking at the plugs. It appears Booster Plug's claims of a better running bike are true. I didn't find the night and day difference some people did, but my bike certainly pulls stronger and smoother, especially at lower revs.
Booster Plug claim that there's no need to spend a small fortune on complicated multi adjustable electronic devices + endless Dyno hours if you're fitting an aftermarket exhaust. I'm looking at doing just this, or at least removing the catalytic converter. I'm not after any more power, my heel often catches on the cat so I'm looking at ways to remove it. (The cat, not my heel) A slightly louder pipe would be nice too. The problem so far is that the cat is part of the downpipes, to get rid of the cat pretty much means you need a full system. As I'm not looking for any more power an £1000 exhaust system would be a very expensive way to go about things. But there's light at the end of the tunnel, I may have found a much more affordable way to decat the bike without spending a fortune.

More soon.......

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  2. Nice report. I'd rather watch a youtube review though. I read too much at work lol. Let us know about the cat delete. I'm wanting the same as I too end up hitting the cat with my foot.

  3. Had booster plugs on both my bike's for 2 years.... ace. Especially the 650 single... much smoother at low revs.