Monday, March 19, 2012

Bike Show 2012

Last weekend was the Scottish Motorcycle Show. HB and myself went for a wee look around along with Bob and Faithir and Maw. We bumped into GHC and Brian too. I batterd off loads of photos, here's some of them.

Ducati Panigale
The new Ducati Penigale, flashy new sportsbike  if thats yer thing.

Quality Norvin
Quality Norvin
Crackin auld Norvin.

Nick Saunder's bike.
Nick Saunder's bike.
Nick Saunder's bike.
Round the world adventurer Nick Sander's Super tenere.

GHC, Bob and Faithir
Brian's chips.
GHC and Brian sample the food. Yum yum.

Fucking mental fast thing.
This is a fucking mental trike thing. The guy does 160 MPH face down head first on this thing.

Chop chop.

Awesome flathead.
Awesome flathead.
Lovely old flathead bob.

Velocette Boardracer
Velocette Board racer. I'd love to hear this thing run.

Dolly birds

Kwacker Triple

Nice Norton

Bobby D and Faithir.
Bobby D and Faithir.
Faithir and Bobby D
Bobby D's wheels.
Bobby D's bike won a "Highly Commended"

Ducati Supermono, this'll be worth a couple of quid.

Trumpet trials bike

Nice Victoria
A Victoria, made in Scotland.

Some nice Honda CBXs

Paint by Smillie
This bike was painted by Smillie Paint, the same guy who's painting my Pugsley.

Its not a GS..
Looks closely. Thats no GS...

Bamboo Lid!
A Bamboo crash helmet!

The Hobbit
The Hobbit
John Hobb's The Hobbit, classic twin engined blown drag racer.

Caption on a postcard
Trying out the Yamaha XT660 Tenere

HB on a Tenere
It seems to work for HB.

HB on a Trumpet
But I think she prefered the Street Trifle

Harley 72
Of all the bikes at the show, this is the one I'd have. A fucking Harley 72. Good shit.

And see that Bamboo helmet? I bought the fucker. I'll do a post on it soon.


  1. Great fun. Thanks for posting up all the pictures.

    The 660 Super Tenere isn't even on the radar for coming to the USA. So many bikes aren't available over here it is crazy.

    HB must have enjoyed the purple on the Street Triple - it matched her jacket. Those sure are nice bikes.

    Can't wait to hear about your new bamboo helmet.

  2. Looks like you had a blast mate, bike shows over here are a non event, just dont have the population to justify it really. You northern hemispheres get all the good shit.

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