Monday, March 5, 2012

Clearing the trail.

Around the village where I live we're lucky enough to have loads of good trails to batter about on the pushbikes. One of my favorites is the wee bit of woods known as the Kinchie trail. The bad thing is that the Kinchie trail often has problems with trees falling over and blocking it, as you can see from this video I made a while ago.

Recently it has been really bad. A few massive trees fell over the trail that were impossible to move, so I grabbed the chainsaw and Bob and myself went up and sorted the fuckers out. It was easy peasy until we came to this massive tree that had been blown over and was caught up in other trees. I had been given a few pointers from Treeman about how to tackle stuff like this, but wind fallen trees can be pretty unpredictable when you're cutting them. So for over half an hour or so we tried to get it cut but when it started creaking and groaning we didn't really want to be to close to the tree so we tried hitting it with big bits of wood. This didn't work. After a wee while Bob took the bull by the horns. Here's what happened.

I'll get down there on the pushbike with the gopro soon and make a wee film.


  1. Top work fella!

    Did Bob get his bike?


    1. He's got a few more to test ride so no new wheels for Bob yet. Is Andrea enjoying her new toy?

  2. I wasn't able to watch the first video but the second one worked.

    Good job taking that tree down and not letting it win. Looks like a great trail for riding.