Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Octsober - 10 days in.

Ten days in to me and HB's no booze month and I've noticed the following health benefits;

  1. Fuck all.

We for a pint in the Winton at the weekend with Andre,  Andy,  Lindsay and Bob. It wasn't too bad but I reckon there's only so many pints of fresh orange and lemonade I could drink before I sharted my drawers. Gary and I didn't even bother going to the pub after a night cycle either which isn't much fun. Still, not long to go now.


I've been entertaining myself with the usual two wheeled activities. The weather has recently picked up and became all autumny, really nice for a spin on the bike. Ben, Bob, Andy and myself went for a spin on some of my favorite roads here in East Lothian. The air smelled clean and fresh and it was super clear, you could see for miles around. Perfect for a wee blast. I took the Gopro so here's the film and some photos from the day.

North Berwick

North Berwick
Ben filling himself with chips.


Up the Lammermuirs.

Ben's Trumpet.

Up the Lammermuirs.
Whats Andy doing there?

He's having a fucking pish.

Mind and click it up to HD

Its been nice getting out on the pushbikes too. The 456 is due a drivechain overhaul so I've been using the Pugsley most of the time. It always amazes me how much difference a few psi in the tyres makes on this bike, night and day for grip and predictability on slippy surfaces. 
I was out for a pedal this morning before work with Paul. There was still frost here and there and the ground is becoming harder. I'm hoping we get quite a cold winter so the ground freezes up and we don't have to cycle through shitey mud when riding the epic trails around here.

Saltoun Big Wood

Saltoun Big Wood


Pugsley on the bridge.

Paul at Saltoun.



  1. I feel for you mate....anyway carnt chat, the local got a special pn tonight two pints of gusiness for the price of one.....

  2. Such a beautiful sunny day for a ride on the bikes. The scenery is so gorgeous.

    At least you can still ride even if you don't get a pint at the end. Has HB seen any benefits of Octsober?

    1. I don't think so, I'll get her to leave a comment to let you know how she's getting on.

  3. There's one thing for sure yer Octsober means my fridge is still full of fuckin beer

  4. I have noticed the following health benifits:
    Mike does not snore half as badly as he used on the drink, meaning I can actually fall alseep without ear plugs in. That's got to be worth a few weeks off the drink more often!
    I on the other hand, have noticed nothing benificial so far apart fom a lack of hangovers. I'm sure my liver will be thanking me- well, maybe my skin is a bit clearer....