Sunday, October 28, 2012

Octsober is over!


That's HB and I finished our four weeks off the booze! Health benefits? Fuck all.
We had planned to celebrate by going up to a beer festival at Glencoe but I somehow managed to fuck my ankle up on the Pugsley during Thursday's night ride. The fucked ankle combined with freezing temperatures persuaded us to stay at home, so it was beers with Paul and Gary on Friday and a curry and the Winton on Saturday. Being off the sauce for so long means I get pissed on just a few beers. This resulted in me falling off my seat on the bus home on Friday night and landing on my arse, which gave everyone on the bus a good laugh. 
In other news HB has been at me for ages to introduce the new member of our household for ages. A while back HB was outside about to feed Jake when this other cat turned up. It was starving so HB gave it a bite to eat. We let it stay the night and over the next wee while we found out that it was a he. He hadn't been chipped or reported missing to any of the many folk we reported finding him to. We put posters up but got no reply so we decided to let him stay, he's still here.
Introducing Tink.

Tink Cat

Tink Cat


  1. Brilliant....nice to no you back on the piss....

    as for the main pic, well, I did piss myself laughing.

  2. Great to see you supporting our struggling wine industry AND giving some shit to a Kiwi! It ticks all of this Aussies boxes!
    Bottoms up.....

  3. Congrats on making through Octosober......sober. At least now you're a cheap date - just a few beer and on the floor. And as for your pic - ahahahaha Rogey!

    Tink looks like an amazing kitteh. He must have been meant to find you two. What does Jake think of it all?

    1. Jake wasn't too impressed to start with, but he soon got used to Tink being around. They still fight every day but its more of a play fight these days. Brian just assumes Tinker is another target for his Tortoise aggression.

  4. Wull said it's the longest the contents of his beer fridge have gone unransacked since Jesus wiz a wee boy!!

  5. Aye ,hoover mooth being back on the beer its not lookin, good for my beer stock

  6. Del (from UK Fat Bikes)October 31, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    That's an excellent photo of Tink btw. Surprised no one has mentioned it.