Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bikes, beers and barbecue

Saltoun views.

I was out round the local trails again last weekend. I was joined by HB, Ben on my 456, Rick, Gary, Tom and Andy. Before we set off I put some pork that had been marinating overnight on the smoker.

Meat on the smoker.

After we tracked Rick down stocking up in the shop we set off round Saltoun and Kinchie. We stopped for a breather before we headed up to the top of Saltoun and Rick whipped out a bacon roll! Bastard! I wasn't jealous at all.

Rick and his bacon roll.

We had a good ride apart from HB and Andy ending up in the nettles, and then we hit the Winton for a few pints. There was a new barmaid in the pub too! When we got back to ours the pork on the barbie was done. This time it had turned out fucking grand. I done some rump stakes marinated in chilli, garlic, honey and soy sauce too. I was pretty happy with the lot and it all went down well, result! Bob, Faithir, Dave and Jamie turned up and more beer was drunk. Awesome night.

Puddle Jumping


Ben on the 456.

Rick, Gary and Ben


Ben on the 456.
Ben was stoked on the 456.

Andy loved the sheep field.

Tom shredding the lines.

Gary. Too extreme for the camera.

Rick boosted by bacon.

Ben on the 456.
Ben. Still stoked. Rad.

New barmaid in the Winton.
Sexy barmaid in the Winton.



Dave and I hit the trails again today. We done some epic geocatching, rode some trails around Saltoun and enjoyed the great weather.

Riding through Saltoun.

Riding Saltoun.

Beachboss's wheels.

Beachboss's wheels.

Santa Cruz and the 456.

Beachboss, extreme geocatcher.
Extreme geocacher.

Santa Cruz and the 456.




  1. Beautiful pictures as always. I still think you have entirely too much fun on two wheels.

    Funny you posted this when hubby and I were just thinking abou getting out and geocaching on our bikes. Very timely indeed.

  2. Bikes, Beer and BBQ.

    nothing finer mate. Top post.

  3. I used to play football with the barmaids brother