Monday, December 12, 2011


I had planned a long lie on Saturday, then I was going for a cycle on the beach with Bruce, but when HB got up to feed Jake and told me there had been a rake of snow there was no chance I was staying in bed!
I sent Bruce a text telling him we'd had snow, there hadn't been any down the coast and we changed the plan to a cycle around the woods near me. Bruce took the photo's and I had the Gopro for a wee film.

I borrowed Bruce's Surly Pugsley again. It was hard going in the wet thawing snow, but great fun. The really muddy bit at the top of Saltoun woods was a piece of piss on the Pug. I'll be exploring these woods bigtime when my Pugsley is rolling.

The melting snow not only made for challenging riding, but left us fucking soaked. So we headed by to mine for some coffee and some of HB chocolate brownies. Ace.

And of course, here's the film. Mind and click it up to HD.


  1. Good times. I can only imagine how friggin cold you were being soaked and riding in the snow. I hope there was a nip of something strong in the coffee to go with the brownies.

    Aren't you supposed to turn the camera off when you piddle in the snow or were you just trying to write your name?

  2. I was trying for a smiley face, but it looked more like a squashed strawberry. Need more practice.