Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eastern Bloc.

Faithir has got himself a new project. An MZ 250 ETZ! Its a proper eastern european utility bike, 2 stroke with an enclosed chain and a huge big rack on the back. I went round to see it last night.
Left foot kick-start.
Buuuaaaaaam bum bum buum                 bum bum bubububuuuum.

Check out the size of the brake lever!!
Disk brake with a Brembo caliper.
Thats the Guzzi I rode a few weeks ago on the left. 

It never came with a battery but I had a spare in the shed so I took it round. My Dad reconed he'd have it going in no time with a quick clean of the carb and fuel system.
Sure enough he phoned me tonight and......

I got out on the push bike for a wee pedal with Dave this afternoon, the first cycle in over a week. The trails are still pretty fucked with the ice though. Sometimes cycling through that is like trying to shit on the ceiling! Its forecast for more cold so no let up yet.
C90 plans are going well though.....

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  1. Ah cool...i had one of them once!, if you hit a false neutral you can go in to the house for a cuppa before the revs drop!,
    the older TS models can have the points set to make the engine fire backwards!