Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mair Snow!

Its still been snowing loads here. The car is stuck in the drive because the snowplough blocks me in when its clears the snow from the main street but I managed to get to work thanks to Treeman picking me up. Here's a bunch of pics I've taken while out and about to show how snowy it is.

I've still been attempting to go cycling. I'm quite impressed at the amount of grip I'm getting with my tyres that are meant to be for dry dusty conditions. I'm getting more grip than I do in the mud! Its a different story in deep snow which is impossible but thanks to folk dragging their kids about on sledges the trails have compact snow in the midldle of them, but if you go off these bits its up to the axles in snow. HB even had a shot of the bike on the Winton Estate which now has much more grip on it than GHC experienced due to all the snow, rather than the ice rink it was before. The other thing thats been hindering me is the gear cables, they freeze up and stop the rear mech working, so I can't go up the gears. I usually only need first gear anyway as I find it easier to keep going if my legs are spinning quite fast. I've stole my mum's spare hairdryer to defrost them after a run.
HB on the 456

That was yesterday, I recon we had another half a foot of snow today!


  1. Good pics Mike!, your gears shouldnt be freezing-its not cold enough for that..
    (really! try like -18C+)
    inner cable coated with Graphite grease(in stock) will cure that...maybe have a day at it here Sat & Sun around binning woods? -:)

  2. I thought it was just the rear mech being frozen or stuffed full of ice and snow but I bumped into Gary who reconed it was the cables. Your grease idea sounds like the way forwards anyway. I'm up for a pedal this weekend as long as the cold that seems to be brewing doesn't get any worse.
    Your pictures are giving me pugsley craving!