Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mair 90 action.

The C90 is pretty much the cheapest form of motorised transport. Its well cheaper than the bus and mine can hit 50mph with no real problems, or hills. So I'm planning on using it as much as possible as my everyday wheels. It will need a rack to carry stuff but untill I get one sorted I'll stick to using my rucksack. I've been unable to find one on the 'bay and nothing has turned up on C90Club but I think I know someone who can knock something together.
The way I see it, the benefits of using the C90 as my everyday transport are.

  • Its cheap. Like the budgie.
  • Its good fun.
  • Its on two wheels.
  • Its ace in the summer.
The downsides are,

  • Its wet when it rains.
  • Its slow
  • It can be cold sometimes.
So as you can see, the good out weighs the bad.
As a wee trial I've used the C90 for work for my last set of shifts. I was on nightshift. It wasn't warm.
I've still been using the C90 for fun too, me and Morton went for a wee crawl up the hills where they were burning the heather which gave us crazy smoke to ride through. There were a few other trails that we tried to ride, but they were super steep. We were both of pushing with the bikes in first gear wheelspinning away. Quality fun.
Fighter jet pilot admiring the two C90's.
Morton in the smoke.

Aye, its fucking steep.
Morton goes down.