Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hamfest 2011

This is the beer cooler, an old, hand cranked dumper truck.

For the past few years my mate Hammy has had a big party in his parent's garden around the same time as the air show at the Museum Of Flight, which is pretty close by. Over time more and more folk have come along to what is now knows as Hamfest. This years Hamfest was no different, there was lots of beer, barbecue and drunken C90 trials riding. The C90 took quite a beating this year when a guy called Bobby binned it into a tree, breaking off the number plate and bursting the rear mudguard, but I should be able to fix it pretty cheaply.
I went down on the Friday night for the quiet pre party and camped over. I learned from previous Hamfests not to go hammer and tongs on the Friday, end up a casualty on the Saturday, and be too rough to watch the air show. This years air show wasn't as good as previous years, there was no Spitfire and no Red Arrows, but it was pretty cool hearing the WAP WAP WAPof the Huey and everyone jumping around shouting Apocalypse Now/Full Metal Jacket quotes. I took the camera and the Gopro down, heres the photos and film.
Lynchie on the Friday night.
WW2 blah blah blah....
Manning on the C90
Bobby, C90 wrecker.
Henry and his young folks trendy shades.
Bruce brought his Pugsley along for folk to have a shot on. He likes a cider.
The Pugsley and the C90.
When there was no planes Bruce put on a stunt show....
Hydrate or die!
GHC dips into the beer cooler.
Claire still owes me one of those cocktails.
Chillin oot.
Me getting ready for some C90 action.
I don't have a fucking scooby what this lot are up too.
Views from the fire.


  1. Lol... great post and movie Mike.

  2. Brilliant Mike!,
    top party, and not far to stagger home!

  3. That movie is essence. Muckle thanks to the Hamilton clan for the invite.

  4. Looks like a great weekend. The weather looks great to.........a bit out of character for Scotland isnt it? Would of been nice to have been invited you bastard!

  5. looked like a great weekend nae way hosay am a missin it next year!!!!

  6. Fucking love the pic of the lads in the car... they look wasted.

  7. amazing video mike loved the music aswell it looked really funny with the music incorperated into it. can't wait til nxt year! xx emma xx