Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great Uncle Edwin Hardon

I'll start this post off by sharing this picture below. Faithir seen it in his Classic Bike magazine. Surely its a fucking wind up, but I might be wrong.
Maybe be you can help me figure out if it is a wind up. Are you a Hardon? Do you know any Hardons? Perhaps you know someone who has recently seen a Hardon, or you might have seen a Hardon yourself. Get in touch if you can give me any information on Hardons.

Hardons aside, I've had a few good outings over the past few days. I got out a wee run on the GS with Ben and GHC. We mounted the Gopro on different parts of various bikes and made a wee film. Alot of the roads around here are a bit fucked as "they" are resurfacing the roads, but all they do is chuck wee stones onto hot tar. The result is a road surface that is like riding on marbles. Ideal for motorcycles.
My tea after the run. Hot and spicy pheasant and woodcock skewers.
The following Friday I got a phone call from Sweeney, inviting me for a pedal up the Pentlands. I've never been cycling up there before so I was well up for it. It was a nice night and the views from the Pentlands over Edinburgh and East Lothian are well worth the effort, and it took me a lot of effort! I felt pretty fucked towards the end of the cycle, there were some long climbs as well as some bits we had to walk up. Maybe I was feeling fucked because I hadn't eaten anything, when I got home I was starving. Luckily before I left I had put a big chunk of chinese seasoned pork on the smoker, and HB had made some nice tattie salad. Awesome.
View over Edinburgh
The bikes in the undergrowth.
After. It just fell apart. Yummy!
Here's a wee film I made of the cycle. It goes on a bit but I got some slow motion stuff near the end.

Aaron in the hills.
I got another run in on the GS over the weekend with Big Aaron. We went over the hills to Innerwick, a road I've wanted to film for a wee while, but the gopro was out of batteries. I did get this wee bit on my phone though. At the start Aaron is saying "Your on Mikeworld...." but the mic never picked it up.

Big Z Rex.
Today I took my Cousin's bike for an MOT. Its a cut down Kawasaki ZRX 1100 streetfighter. I loved my old ZRX and it was nice to get a spin on another one. Its for sale, if anyone is interested give me a shout.


  1. THat is an awesome pic of the bikes in the undergrowth! Just brilliant. As for 'Hardon", carnt help you with that......sounds a bit stiff to me!

    All the best, and great blog mate.

  2. That GoPro is some piece of kit, gotta get me one. I miss my ZRX as well, I still don't know why I sold her.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Aye, the GoPro is pretty good. I'm going to make a video of my local coast road soon.
    Roger - cheers for that. I'll get more similar photos up on my next blog.