Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Bike Photos part 2......

Mair bike photos.
Is this like an evening looking at someones holiday slideshow?

Lammermuir Run
Lammermuir run
Lammermuir Run
Up the Lammys.
Up the Lammys.
These are all taken up the Lammermuir hills, close to where I live. My off road riding skills are pretty limited, and my arse was going like a rabbit's nose riding the middle of those rutted bits. The GS is pretty good on open, land rover tracks, but its a big, heavy and expensive bike to be chucking down a hill. So for real off roading I'd go for a more dedicated bike. Like the guy below.


Badentarbat Pier, Achiltibuie
Faithir took this photo of the Massif on the pier at Achiltibuie. 2007

At the top of Stelvio
GS at the top of Stelvio. 2007
Me at Stelvio
My fat puss ruining the view of Stelvio.
Stelvio Pass
Thats better.
Stelvio east side.
The other side of Stelvio.

At Loch Eriboll
GS at Loch Eribol. 2006

Laundry at lake Bohinj
Doing my laundry in Slovenia. 2007

Winton Massif at Tibbie Sheil's
Winton Massif at Tibbie Sheil's, St Marys Loch. 2009.

Butt of Lewis.
Butt of Lewis, 2010.

Dunard Hostel, Barra
Filling up on Barra
Sign to Castlebay, Barra.
Barra Airport, aye, the beach.
This last bunch were all taken on the Winton Massif 2010 Scotland tour which included the Outer Hebrides. These pictures are from Barra, one of the more southern of the islands. The beach with the plane on it is the Airport, the beach is the runway! While we were over there we rode down over the causeway to Vatersay to see the crashed Catalinia. It crashed during WW2 and is a war grave.

Catalinia War Grave on Vatersay
Catalinia War Grave on Vatersay
Catalinia War Grave on Vatersay

Barra Hostel.
My GS and Fers's XT outside Dunard Hostel, Barra.

Winton Massif at Gills Bay
The Winton Massif at Gills Bay waiting for the ferry to Orkney. This was where we met out German member, Wolfgang.

Big Wolfgang and his GS.

Bikes at the border.
At the Scotland/England border.

2 GS's

Is there more???

Ohhhhh yes.......


  1. That Stelvio road looks very impressive? it looks incrediable, ever tried it on s sports bike?

    Great pics....loved the plane on the beach.

  2. Stelvio is pretty good. It's over in Italy so I've only managed to rife it once. Theres loads of bikes there though from Fireblades to Harleys. I think the most fun thing to take up would be a supermoto or similar. That would be great fun!

  3. Technicaly the Swiss side is called the Stilfserjoch and the Italian side the Stelvio, the Stelvio has the much tighter hairpins GHC

  4. Yer ring. Stilfserjoch is just its German name.