Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Mind my Belter? Well it didn't work out too well for me. The singlespeed was OK for my commute and I really enjoyed riding the bike but it was eating freehubs like Elvis ate cheeseburgers. The Edinburgh Bike Co-op had replaced one rear wheel before I took the bike back with another fucked freehub. This time they offered to replace the lot again but I asked for a different bike. I looked at what I could get for roughly the same price as the Belter. Sweeney, the roadie fuck that he is, had tried to get me to go for a full on geared road bike and it was an option I was considering, but. I bought the Belter to commute on. The bike I replace the Belter with will be used to commute on also, and the salt on Scottish winter roads just fucks components up. I don't want to cycle home from work and have to wash down the drivechain of a geared bike so I decided to stick with  a single speed bike, this time running a traditional chain drive. Looking at my options, the bike I liked was the Specialized Langster, a track bike that comes set up with a fixed wheel. The only thing is, as you night have seen in the above video, I've given plenty folk stick for running gay ass arsehole drop bars. So there has been plenty abuse flying my way. A few years back here in Scotland we had a television programme called Still Game. Long story short, some of the cunts I call my mates are now referring to me as "Winston" as they feel I have a passing resemblance to the character. Fucking cheers guys. Google "Winston still game" if you want in on the action.
Anyways, so far the Langster has been brilliant, as were the Edinburgh Bike Co-op in dealing with my fucked Belter. I've read some stuff online about folk receiving shite service but all I got was good service and helpful folk. So a big thanks to the guys at Edinburgh Bike Co-op for helping me out..
Back to the Langster though. The shite, arsehole style, fuckwit drop bars took some getting  used to but its ok now. I've even been going out road riding, as for a while the Langster was the only functioning bike I had and I need to get my fat arse in to some state of fitness. (more to come on that shit.)
Road riding is boring as fuck. It must be even worse when you have gears to take the challenge away.
Here's a few photos of the bike. Notice I've got cool glow in the dark bar tape and flat MTB pedals.
Yeah, thats how I roll.

Specialized Langster 2013
Specialized Langster 2013
Specialized Langster 2013


Photo by Paul Sweeney.

There will be a prize for the caption for this last photo.


  1. Man, I haven't had drop bars since high school.... They would be so hard to get used to now.

    And as for a caption, I have thoughts rolling around, but nothing seems appropriate other than...... it looks like you are rather upset you can't sit on your seat because you shat yourself........must have been a helluva uphill climb, lol.

  2. "The naked rambler didn't know what was about to hit him. (Extra bit) His gait afterwards however looked less like a relaxed, flap in the wind, stroll and more like an uncomfortable waddle resembling a certain Mr John Wayne."

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  4. more like stop i want a C90

  5. But know this! I run a tight ship, not a shite tip! lol

  6. This Blog's not been updated for ages !

  7. A short stem is better than being on the other busApril 29, 2013 at 12:32 AM

    This blog's still not been updated for ages......fahkin Yawn !

    Lemmee see. You've chopped a ton of firewood, got KOM on the Saltoun ascent, & Beachboss pranked you with the "This ice cream cone smells off" gag & still no blog update !!! I'm going down to Gullane to watch some coastal erosion for a bit of excitement ;o)

    Disgusted of East Lothian.

  8. Thats a sweet ride there , It could do with some gears though. Keep riding Yodagoat maybe I'll see you on the East lothian roads someday.

    1. Thanks for that Victor, check out my friend Bruce's blog if you like coastal cycling.