Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Scottish Mike Rides Yer Bike - Episode One - BMW R18 First Edition - A ride and review.


BMW R18 First Edition

A couple of months back I got the chance to ride BMW's new R18. I also had the idea to make some bike review videos and so was born "Scottish Mike Rides Yer Bike". The rough idea is to ride a bike I've not had a shot on before and do a wee review of what I think. I don't want to just do brand new bikes either, it would be great to get some older machines on as well. The plan is to start the video by giving an idea of what I'll think the bike will be like. Have a quick look around the bike. Get some riding footage and some pre ride feedback then a summary at the end. I'm already realising other stuff I need to do. I definitely need to say a few things I don't like about a bike, which I find pretty hard at times. All bikes are good fun after all. So likes and dislikes will be added in. I'll add in a bit of information and a few specs on the bikes, the background of the bikes will be interesting too if I get the chance to ride some older machines. If you have any feedback at all let me know in the comments. Some folk clearly don't like the music I've used on the R18 video so I'll play about a bit. I'll try and speak a bit clearer and maybe even swear less. Maybe. 
Anyway, the video is below, check it out.

If you have a bike that you think would make an interesting video and you're kind enough to let me take it for a spin please get in touch. it'll really help me in making what will hopefully be an interesting and entertaining bunch of videos.

BMW R18 First Edition

BMW R18 First Edition

Big thanks to Joe and the team at Motorrad Central for giving me a shot of the R18 despite the mucky roads.

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