Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I'm still here!! Films and laziness.


I've still been doing plenty biking but admittedly I've been piss poor on the blogging front, but I have an excuse! I've been trying to up my YouTube game. I'll get right in and showcase what I've been doing, starting with Cubs2Colonsay!

ferg pano

If you're one of the few folk who regularly read my blog, you may remember this trip from way back in 2015. Well, as indicated at the end of this post we had a plan, and that plan was Cubs2Colonsay. This is where I'll direct you to the first in the series of the YouTube videos. Remember and set the quality to maximum for the full viewing experience.

The first video is just me gibbering pish, but the following three feature lots of bike riding and calamity as we prepare the bikes and figure out the best way to travel on our wee, underpowered Honda Cubs. The fourth video is a bit longer and includes a shakedown camping trip.

If you've made is this far then thank you and well done. Hit that subscribe button and all that. This next video is a bit of an epic so grab a coffee, open a cold beer, roll a fat one, grab some snacks or do whatever you do, sit back and enjoy........ Cubs2Colonsay The Movie. It's a long one!

Please leave any feedback you like. It's always good to see what folk think of my videos. Here's a few of the photos from the trip.







I've been away on the Africa Twin a fair bit too, I'm still editing all the footage into something. All this writing blogs and making YouTube videos takes loads of time but I really will try and remember to post stuff. Here's some photos and a video from a run to Kinloch Hourn, another place I'd not visited for ages. We had a night there followed by one in Braemar.

Kinloch Hourn

Kinloch Hourn

Kinloch Hourn

Loch Hourn


Freezing fog rolling down towards Braemar

So for 2022 I'm going to set a target at one post a month for the blog, even if it's just a moaning rant about how crap new bikes are or something. If you want to help my motivation or tell me to get my finger out my arse and get posting you can do so on YouTube or find me on Instagram @yodagoat.

More soon, honestly.


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  1. Mate, funny stuff but a bit hard to understooond your accent!😆😆 I might need to stick to the written word as I work on my Scottish to Australian translation skills.😉