Friday, August 13, 2010

Fajitas, dodgy weather, and the Big Hairy's Birthday

In my opinion, the best quick to make food is fajitas. So I've decided to do a shoot out of all the different fajita spice mix things you get. Now I'm sure some folk have a home made spice mix that is truly awesome and that buying such stuff out a shop is for mugs, but these packet things keep it quick and easy.

This weeks fajita mix is from Discovery. There was a hot mix in the shop too, but I'll try that in the future.
All the fajitas will be made with chicken, peppers and onion and garnished with cheese, sour cream, salsa and salad to keep all the playing field even.
The sauce looked OK when cooking, but lacked spice (aye, I know its meant to be mild) and flavour.
So Discovery Mild Fajita Paste only gets 1.5 chainsaws out of five.

I've been wanting to get the GS out recently but the weather has been a bit mental. Its sunny, pisses down for a bit and then sunny again, so I've done fuck all on the GS, C90 or raised bed front. I have got a OS map out the library though and I've been planning future adventures. There's loads of shit up the hills I've not seen yet so that should be fun. And mind, if the coo is sitting down it'll probably rain.
Or the coo is tired....

It was Big Aaron's birthday the other day. I got him a wee present and cooked chicken and chorizo kebabs, a recipe I stole of Carpet. It was good to see everyone and the sun was even out for a bit before the weather went all crazy again.

I'm still planning to get the garden sorted with the greenhouse and those fucking raised beds.
And there's a new set of wheels on the way.

Watch this space.....

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