Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Festival, Jimmy Jibs and getting stuck in a lift with a fud....

I've been up to loads since my last post on here. I went to the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh for a look aboot. Loads of free samples to try and plenty to see, with the best undoubtedly being the Remey Martin tent thing, especially as Mat gave me most of his cos he was driving. There was a woman selling pies that were a complete meal for one person wrapped up in pastry, they were damn good, as was the Thistly Cross Cider which is made just down the road from me.
HB bought some cheese, which was apparently the best in the country and some nice balsamic glaze. I bought some gid chutney and jam, then Mat gave HB, Zul and myself a lift back to Zul's flat to see her new wee rabbits. Rabbits seen, Mat and I carried on our journey, or we would have if Mat hadn't suggested we jump up and down in the lift. The result being us stuck in a lift for 40 minutes watching south park on Mat's phone. Fux ake.
Gid pies.
HB gets on the piss.
Stuck in the lift.

The next day I was helping Big Hairy film a comedy gig for the BBC. It was pretty gid fun and we got to see plenty of the festival folk kicking aboot. They even gave me a free T shirt and my first Hoody. Sweet.
Aaron doin the jib.
Old Tom, the Laird of the mile. In his 90's.

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