Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Whats up dog! A lot has happened in Mike's world since I last wrote on this thing. I've changed the name to mikeworld, to reflect a new positive and upbeat (ish) outlook. I now live with HB, we bough a sweet hoose in East Lothian. I also now live with Brian Tortoise who pissed on me a few days back.
Brian Tortoise when he first moved in.
HB on the piss in a boat.

I've still got the GS but now have a second sweet ride. A fucking C90!!!! Introducing... the roadrunner. It'll do over 50mph two up! (down a big hill)
Anyway, I'm away on the C90 into Edinburgh to look at crash helmets for a push bike. I've decided a bike will be the best way to get fit and I'll mark my progress here. Running and swimming are boring as hell, and I used to cycle all the time  (I was much better than Calvert) so here goes......

Well it'll be here goes in a few weeks when I get my bike. I'm being delayed by those slow cyclescheme fuckers.

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