Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fajita Review Two

Another offering from Discovery. This time in my more preferred dust form. This medium one is spicy enough to make me sweat, but so does HP sauce, so thats nothing to go by. Its got quite a strong tomato flavour, which is a bit weird for powder based food, I'm not too sure about powdered tomatoes. Years ago I had a wee job in the dreaded McDonalds where they had fucking dehydrated onions, a weird rice looking stuff that tasted fuck all like onions. Anyway, the fajita mix isn't bad, but its not great.
So the Discovery Medium Fajita Seasoning Mix gets 3 and a half chainsaws out of 5.
The blog has another fan now too, that's me up to three! Fucking champion!
Jake gets some high brow reading done.

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