Sunday, August 22, 2010

HB passes her test!!!!

HB passed her driving test, YIPPEEEEE!!! WELL DONE HB!!
This is grand, last night we went up to the pub in Garvald for a pint. Well I had a pint, soft drinks for HB!
Also the Jock Taylor memorial run was on yesterday. I missed the run itself cos I was in Edinburgh on the GS getting some stuff I'll need when my new wheels arrive, hopefully in a few days. Anyway, I nipped along to the Winton on the C90 and got some pics. I'm sure everyone thought I was awesome, when I left I did a big burnoot on top of the wee hill.
Or they may have thought I was a fucking twat.
Can you see the C90?

And check this out.

Productive bastard eh?

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