Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today was a good day.

Last night I had a cold.

Even with the help of HB's brownies it was no use.

I felt like shite.

Today I woke up with that warm bed feeling that's too warm but OK. The kind of feeling that will still be under the covers after you've unsheathed yourself from the duvet and been for a piss. Straight back into the dream you've been havin comfort.
Fuckin champion.
I lay in bed for a bit, listening to tunes then reading some Brookmire, before breaking my fast with Nevis and The Treeman (the rolls were on them, cheers guys!)
It was proper summer warm and I needed to be oot on my GS, here's some of the pics from my wee run.
gid farm shop
compulsory ford picture
I took a wee spin up the hills and then doon the coast, passing the windmills and Torness, the nuclear power station.
Now I'm in two minds about windmills. They look cool when there's only a few of them, are a supposedly green way to make power, and their service tracks make a nice playground.
But the don't really work. They are a shite way to produce electricity and our hills are becoming a little bit overpopulated by them. My mate Jim can give us the science, so I'll e him a linky to this page and he'll tell us the crack.

Here's what Jim had to say.
"Check out http://www.bmreports.com/bsp/bsp_home.htm. A whopping 3.5% of the total wind power was running today . Forecast for tomorrow is 0.3% !!!! That's 9MW. It takes 60MW just to run Torness, let alone the 1320MW we kick out 365 days a year. Even when the wind is not blowing ;)"

Anyhoo, the sun was nice and warm. When I stopped to take the piccys I could hear grasshoppers clicking away, bliss until faithir interrupted everything with a broadcast from his new mobile phone.
After being up the hills I headed down the coast, past the lighthouse at Barnes Ness and the land fill site near the cement factory. Further down the road I stopped in by Knowes Farms Shop and got myself some yellow tomatoes,brambles and one of those pies that I tried at the food festival. I'll do a full pie test on it as soon as I'm hungry.
After doing the ford (and getting soaked) at the back of the farm shop it was home for a BBQ with HB, Hairy Aaron and Alison, Faithir and Ma, Ben and Kirsten and Dave and his crew. not to mention Fast Morton and Bob. Dave brought his spastic bike which Aaron and Morton took for a spin. This thing is fucking impossible to ride, but after the initial push off Aaron had in nailed. Sick!
Fast Morton had it nailed from the start. I'm sure he could backside his hardtail, or whatever these extreme types go on about.
nice bike.
"aye, it's just like flyin a 1945 Messerschmitt..."
prime for takeoff
0-60 in 2 seconds etc etc
yeah, i just stopped cos my feet were abducted by aliens etc etc.

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