Monday, September 13, 2010

Sore Arse and Wet Feet.

I've still been cycling and trying to get fit. This week I cycled to Haddington, trying to keep as close to the river Tyne as possible, then up the Garleton hills. Sticking as close to the river as possible resulted in me having to cross the fucking thing twice. First crossing went real smooth, with me crossing the river quickly, choosing the right line and negotiating the slippery rocks (nearly) effortlessly.

I fucked up the second crossing resulting in me getting wet feet.
I had to cut through farmer's fields and got chased by a bunch of coos before nearly having a heart attack climbing up the Garleton hills.

The Monument, The Law and The Rock
I also bumped into Treeman on his constant fish catching mission. Me and Treeman have a bet. If he catches ten or more fish from the Tyne I'll buy him beers. If he fails to catch ten or more the beers are mine. He's got around six weeks left to get four fish. I think I might have won the bet...
Treeman casting.
I've been getting some cycling in after work as well, all this cycling hasn't left me feeling any fitter, but my arse is very fucking sore.

No pain no gain?


  1. stick at it mike,eventully the fun overcomes the pain!
    nice pics too -:)

  2. Cheers! I'm looking forward to going down to Glentress. I'll hopefully be heading up north in October and doing the tracks near Golspie too. I've never been to any of them before but some of my mates say they're great fun and the vids on youtube look awesome.

  3. Three things, sprung stem, sprung saddle and gel saddle cover.

  4. Could be an idea John, I've all ready got front suspension and a handy gel like covering on my arse. The thing is the more cycling i'm doing the less gel there is in my arse!!
    Hopefully I'll get used to it after a while.