Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get Fit or Die Tryin'

Got my new wheels, and On One 456!!! The engine on its a bit fucked (and the brakes could be better) but hopefully I'll be able to tune it up in no time. It runs on beer, fajitas and loads of other fuel. Awesome!
I went on a wee cycle close to my home. On the return leg I bumped into the local yoofs who were grabbing some "sick air" at the local jump spot. Here's the pics.
Saltoun Estate

fire wood anyone?
Saltoun Wids.
Not how the colour of the bike matches my puss.
Got a bit lost here, took me a few minutes to figure out where I was.



  1. 2nd go at spelling!
    it really is pink aint it Mike!
    like real bright pink!
    your brakes should improve with more use, esp after a muddy ride,
    enjoy your new steed!

  2. Yeah, cool eh? I've been out again tonight. After the first run I was totally done in, but I'm getting better. Me and Steve Short are going to try and find that RAF building at Drem you had on your Coastrider page, any clues to where we should be looking?
    I'll need you to show me all the good hidden trails too!

  3. is it the nightfighter training building with few windows?,its in the southernest big hanger 1 area -the tatty unused hanger,
    the HQ Control Bunker is just south of the Disabled riding school, walk south on the old airfield ring road from the stables passing the old firefighter shed(in film) then at a right bend look right into the field and theres a small hill...bingo!