Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness, Skills, and becoming Jakeproof....

I've not really been up to much over the past few days, still trying to get out on the push bike as much as possible. My fitness is definitely improving, but I'm hungry all the time now though and eating like a fucking horse! I bet I'll be the only person who starts cycling and ends up putting on weight. my skills are improving too as you can see in the picture of me popping a wheelie in my Mum's hall. The pinnacle of mountain biking!

Yo. Check out the skillz.

Jake and Brian are still getting used to each other and I've had to Jakeproof Brian's house. I don't think Jake was trying to abuse Brian's space (by taking a shit in his house) but he kept on jumping in and lying under Brian's heat lamp. Brian didn't really appreciate this so I've made a mesh to go over his house, only time will tell if it's really Jakeproof. My other problem with the C90's headlight being a bit faulty has also been fixed by spraying the switch with WD40 as advised by Fuzz. So thanks to him and all the folk at

The last thing I have to tell folk about is Aaron has finally got a car that's economical to run. Check the grin on his big hairy face! He's well chuffed. So chuffed that he wanted me to take a picture to put up on the blog! Posing bastard eh? So here it is.

" It'll dae 400 tae the gallon!"
Stuff I still need to do.
  1. Get away camping on the GS one last time before it gets cold.
  2. Go to Glentress on the pushbike.
  3. Fill the raised beds.
  4. Service my car.
  5. Service HB's car.
  6. Get the greenhouse of Treeman (we might have to wait a few months for this due to the greenhouse being surrounded by a jungle of weeds)
  7. Make more homebrew.
  8. Service the GS and get new tyres on it.
I'm really looking forward to getting the greenhouse and growing some stuff from here


  1. after all those years of telling me to buy a Landy when ive had wee cheap to run cars the Sasquatch has finaly seen the light!!! -:)
    aye cycling burns the calories Mike,
    i find i can drink lots of cider without being 50 stone!

  2. Its amazing eh, he'll feel re-born when he goes to the fuel pump. I bet he'll still think a gearbox is a service part though.
    This calorie burning is brilliant too. I'm going for a cider kit in my next home brewing extravaganza. A barrel holds 40 pints and i've got 4 barrels.....