Thursday, October 7, 2010


My fitness must be getting better. The other day me and Morton managed 31 miles on the bike, with Morton borrowing my old Klein. We went to Macmerry, through Gosford estate at Longniddrie to Aberlady. From there we headed to Drem airfield so Morton could see round the bunker, but there's a sign up now asking folk not to go in as this is the bats hibernation time. After Drem we attempted to go the ridge road  from Athelstaneford over the Garleton hills, but I got lost as usual. The track starts beside the school and I managed to bring us out at the church about 20 metres up the road. What a fud! So we ended up taking the road up to the top of the Garletons then the track down to Haddington then home. We were pretty fucked towards the end but I felt alot better tahn I thought I was going to.

Morton grabbing some sick air.

Ropeswing at the Garletons trail.

3 of my 4 bikes! Sold one now though.
With the Klein away there should be less bike juggling around the shed.

Big aaron has started his own fitness mission! He's bought my old Klein off me. I gave him a lift down to collect it on the C90. 

And the breaking news is Morton has just got himself a C90 too....

UPDATE I've just realised the picture on the video is a viz "up the arse" moment if ever I seen one. Fux ake.


  1. that ruin house is Hungry House Mike,was the Gamekeepers,
    i grew up there-part time,spent most of holidays up there,shooting,driving about,underage drinking, great days...
    Aaron MF on a C! -:)

  2. Aye Shay, I keep telling him he'll break his head, but he doesn't listen. Clown.
    Big Aaron looks well funny on the C90 eh Bruce?

  3. Clist......where's Mortons helmet?

  4. Try this Mike:

  5. Dear Mike! If you or some of your friends stayed in Heiligenblut (Grossglockner, Hochalpenstrasse, Austria) and lost a camera, please contact me:

    I work at the tourist office and somebody found the camera at the Franz-Josefs-Hoehe. We tried to find out the owner of the camera for more than one month.

    Kind regards Carmen Lassnig