Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another year of cheap transport.

The C90 passed its MOT! So thats another year of cheap motoring for me, the C90 is getting around 130 mpg which makes it even cheaper than the bus, plus its great fun.
Faithir has finished doing up his auld R80GS, so I took it for a wee spin. Its a good wee bike, great for farting around the back roads.

This next one isn't exactly along the lines of cheap transport, but my mate Bert sent me a link to this video. It really shows how impressively fast the new S1000R is. I'll need to get me a shot of one soon. I was pretty suprised that the cars didn't out drag the GS ADV, especially that tuned M5.
Cars for show, bikes for a pro.


  1. You look like your 10 feet tall GHC

  2. I've added that video Bert sent oot.