Monday, August 9, 2010


Hear that?

Thats the sound of another nightshift drawing to an end.
This means that I've got two whole days off. Lets see if I can get my finger out my arse and do something productive. Drag the GS out for a spin perhaps? The rear tyre is nearly fucked and I've got a funny feeling my battery may be heading the same way. Its hooked up to the opi-mate all the time, but its starting to struggle if the bikes not been started in a while. Still can't argue, its lasted nearly five years.
Or I could go into Edinburgh on the C90 and watch some festival street folk.
Or visit the homebrew shop. Then make some beer or something.
Or sit around in my pants and fart around with the internet.
Or do anything exept dig the fucking raised beds in, I mean they've only been waiting to be done for about six months.


home brew was looking low, wonder if the GS'll start......

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