Monday, August 9, 2010

Run to The Hills





I couldn't get to sleep after nightshift.
This never happens to me. Usually its home and straight to bed, asleep in no time. I think I kept HB awake with all my tossing and turning, I was rolling about a fair bit too. (chortle)
At about half six I was still wide awake. I didn't even feel tired.
I decided to give falling asleep one last go, I had a pee, climbed back into bed, my head hit the pillow,


Neighbours house alarm went off.


I went oot for a wee look.

Note the raised beds and greenhouse platform. Fux ake.

Aye, there's no chance of getting to sleep now. Only one thing for it......
The C90 had barely had tome to cool down after the run home from work before I ripped it back oot the shed. Grabbed my camera, downed a berocca then I was away.

I set off into the hills. The sun was shining and the roads were pretty much empty. The C90 was running well despite having a fair amount of two stroke in the fuel that I got of my Dad. I must have been a bit tireder than I thought because I started to think that this C90 run might be a dream, then I remembered the pic I took in the end of my drive. I thought when I reviewed the picture on the camera I was wearing a blue t shirt, but now I was wearing a grey one. What if I'm dead or a ghost or something?? Am I in Inception??
I quickly decided to forget about this fuckwitery and concentrate on the road.
Berocca makes your piss glow.
I headed deeper into the hills on the dirt tracks before stopping for a fluorescent berocca piss. The sky was getting a wee bitty cloudy, but it was still warm.
The next part of the trail was pretty steep, you can't really see it in the pictures, but its a pretty daunting sight when you only have around 5 BHP to play with. The 90 was down to first most of the way up the hill and screaming its head off/

The track winding away is pretty steep.
Here's a pic from a previous trip looking back down the hill.

After scaling the dakar esq climb, its onwards and upwards to the Lammer Law summit.
impending weather.
Me at 7.20am this morning.
Cairn at the top.
You can't really see it in the pics again, but there was a big fuck off black cloud coming my way, and the only waterproof gear I had was my gloves and my camera case. My plan was to head back the way I had come a join the Longyester to Carfraemill track, but the incoming weather looked that bad that I took a track that headed straight down from Lammer Law. This was a bad idea. The track got worse and worse before it came to a stop at a farmers field. I followed a bit grassy singletrack that ran along beside the field but my ElCheapo tyres were soon overwhelmed and me and the C90 nearly went crashing down the hill a few times. I ended up having to push the bike along a bit and through a sheep field and I came out at a farm at West Latch.
Track from Lammer Law to a farmer's field. Doh!
I managed to find the road just as the rain started. Thank fuck I wasn't still stuck in the hills! I nipped into the spar on the way back to get myself some breakfast and was home in time to make HB her porridge.
Bacon and egg and bacon and onion. Fat bastard!

I gave Brian a bath in front of the stove.
Then fell asleep.
Tortoise bathtime.

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  1. Not sure how I feel about such enlightenments and plunging insights into the world and life of Mike.... not sure if that sentence makes any sense either mind! Actually on consideration I do like it, keep it up beeg bro. gb