Tuesday, October 18, 2011


With the nights drawing in I've dug out the lights for the push bike and been night cycling. I've not been able to get any good videos on the Gopro as its too dark, but I've ordered a second light for my lid, so that should be here anytime soon. Hopefully with it mounted on my lid it'll provide plenty light for the Gopro to get a picture. My other pushbike project, the Surly Pugsley, is still at the painters. There's no hurry to get it back, as it will be a while till I can afford all the parts to get it built.
I got an e mail from my Pugsley riding mate Bruce the other day suggesting we go for a blast on the beach, me on the Pugsley and he'd be on his 29er, (google it) a Surly Karate Monkey. I was planning on going for a wee spin on the GS, but I couldn't turn down the chance to go for a proper cycle on a Pugsley.
I bought my frame off Bruce a few months back. (see this post) His current Pugsley is exactly the same frame size as mine and it was good to find out it was comfortable for me as some folk thought it could be a bit small. So I grabbed my camera and the Gopro and we headed out towards Tyningham.

Pugsley and the Karate Monkey
The Pugsley and the Karate Monkey with the Bass Rock in the background.

Surly Pugsley
The Pugsley on the Secret Trail.

Surly Pugsley
Pugsley in Binning Woods

The Pugsley is awesome fun. It works really well on the trails with the big balloon tyres floating over mud and giving loads of grip on rocks and roots but where you really notice the difference in on really soft stuff like sand. With only around 8psi in the tyres the Pugsley floats over stuff normal bikes just sink into. We even went belting doon the sand dunes!

Coastkid on the dunes.
Coastkid on the dunes.
Bruce showing how its done on the dunes.

Bruce in the woods.
Washin the bikes
Cheers Bruce, sorry for getting your bike so clarty!

I had the Gopro with me and Bruce had brought his along too, which made making a wee film much easier. Here's the masterpiece. 

Surly Pugsley
The Surly Pugsley. Fucking awesome.


  1. Ace pictures, Ace words, Ace post :o)

  2. Great day out... now get the old girl rolling again... -:)

  3. A great day indeed!!
    Oh the torture of pedaling the Pugs in some premo spots, and then having to give it back!!!
    Ouch!! ;)
    If a fire wasn't burning under your ass before, (to build yours up), I bet it sure is now!! Lol
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot..... PUG U!!! :) ;)

    Peace, Joe

  4. awesome!
    2:43 = Fat Bike Grin!

  5. Great post mate, you live in a beautiful part of the world there. Bummer about the sottish rugby team though!

  6. The Surley Pugsley is a great bike. My old boss used one on a 500 km endurance race across the Simpson Desert in Australia and blown away with just how good it was in sand. Some pics of it here: http://geoffjames.blogspot.com/2010/11/alternative-2-wheeled-technology-and.html from when he spent the weekend with us.