Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nae use.

My plans for a camping trip with HB this weekend have been well and truly scuppered. We had chosen to go to either Glencoe or St Mary's Loch. Earlier in the week there was some snow on the hills at Glencoe and the forecast was for it to be pretty cold and wet. Then it started to pish doon everywhere else, St Mary's Loch included. We figured it would be best to do something else rather than sitting in the pishing rain in the tent for a night.
I still fancied getting the bike out for a spin and when I went to get it Faithir offered me a shot of his old R80GS. I went for a wee spin down the coast on it. Its a nice bike to ride, not the fastest but it sounds amazing, and I got to try out my RAM mount with the Gopro. I got the RAM mount ages ago but at the time my camera gear didn't really take to being mounted on the bike. With the Gopro it works really well, I'll be able to get some interesting angles with it. The only down side is that it takes quite a while to mount but one its on its solid.
Here's the film.
I woke up this morning with a cold! Fux ake! Hupefully I can shake it off quickly and get out on the GS before the winter weather arrives. Some panic merchants in the media were banging on about it snowing this weekend and the roads getting gritted.
Nae use!


  1. Nice bike the old GS, a real proper dual purpose big trailie, nice restoration job done on it,
    I bookmarked the Ram mount for future purchase, ta,

  2. Not sure I really want to watch your arse in leathers again Mike but an interesting angle none the less... :)

  3. After hearing about your love for dancing films I seriously doubt that Gav!

  4. Well Done on the vid, very well shot, looked like a nice day for a ride. THe looks in excellent condition, a few more pics of it next time ah. Bummer bout the camping trip, hope you got laid any way..