Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From the coast to the hills.

GS and the windmill
The recent cold spell here has warmed back up a wee bit so I've been for a few spins on the GS. First up I went for a wee spin over the Lammermuir hills to visit the Hoodster. I fitted my RAM mount with the GoPro to the engine bar of the GS for a wee film. You'll see in the video I'm up near the wind farms. When the first wind farm was built I thought it was cool, but now they are spread all over the Lammermuirs and are quite an eye sore. Coupled with the fact that they don't really work very well makes me think that they should just scrap the idea. Anyways, I had a nice run. The roads were quiet and surprisingly mud free considering the time of year, with all the farmers ploughing their fields. The weather was nice, up the hills it was a wee bit nippy, but the heated grips kept me warm enough.
My RAM mount. Not sheep related.
A few days later my mate Ben and I went for a wee spin down the coast to North Berwick. It was another nice day and apart from a few North Berwick drivers crawling along at 30mph, (in a 60) we had a nice run. After Ben treated me to a juice at NB we headed home via the hills. I had the Gopro with me again so I've made the footage from both runs into a we film. 
Let me know what ye think.


  1. Agree on the Wind Turbines Mike, loved the first set up at Crystal Rig, now theres loads all across the lammermuirs and the service roads, one day the country will look back and ask what were we thinking about!

  2. I see you've now changed your stance on this debate Michael. Hang on a minute..... ah hem...."Told you so!" There that's better.

    Wind turbines are a waste of time. The Dutch who were at the forefront of the tech thirty years ago have been pulling them down for the last fifteen as they simply don't provide what they promised. I learned that fact in Higher R.M.P.S doing an ecology topic when I was seventeen or eighteen. I understood it then and am hardly Mensa material. Our country is so backwards and blinkered it is untrue.

    A mile or two across the hill behind us there is a farm going up. Planning was rejected by the local council but when it was reviewed on appeal in Holyrood it was accepted. Nice fat cheque for Salmond selling off another part of our country but zero help to the actual running of it or the future emissions targets.

    Ironic that an island nation is wasting so much money on an already proven, unsuccessful form of energy production when we have the engineering prowess and natural resources to properly investigate tidal and wave technology.

    ....and breathe.... Sorry about that. Good one on getting out Mike, you still haven't given me your Cub chat?

  3. Highest load factor in the UK that wind farm (the amount of electricity they generate vs what they 'could' generate). A Whopping 28% !!!! They have a small part to play but cannot replace large generating plants.

    The only way I see them working well is to build them round the Scottish Parliament. The amount of wind that comes out of Alec Salmonds mouth that should keep the whole country going :)

  4. Quite honestly Mike, I think you're mad.
    ANYONE who travels at any sort of speed on just two wheels with nothing between them and a very rough asphalt surface and even more unyielding fence posts, street lights and large trucks and cars is insane.

    Have fun.

    Buy BUPA

  5. This here blog's not been updated in ages :o)

    Get some work done on this or else I'll send Attic-man round to visit ya !

  6. TSB - There's a thin layer of protective clothing between me and those unyielding obstacles. Safe as fuck.

    ROADWARRIOR - Don't worry, there's something in the pipeline, just need to finish a video. Its uploading right now.

  7. Ferg - Cub chat is also in the post, not done much to it in the last couple of weeks. When are ye coming for a visit?