Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep on rolling....

 A few folk might remember my wee C90 taking quite a hammering at Hamfest earlier this year. The rear mudguard, light and number plate holder were all broken, as were the indicators. I also lost a footrest rubber.
Well thanks to Ed from the C90 Club I now have the majority fixed. He had the parts I needed and for a few beer tokens he posted the bits up. Sweet!
These arrived in the post.
The battle wounds. Poor C90
Naked 90.
Fixed! New baboon style rear end.
I've not fired it up yet. The '90 wasn't running at its best before Hamfest, so its getting a full service, I'll adjust the valves and get a new spark plug for it. I'll get Faithir to chuck the battery on the optimate and get a proper charge in it and I'll get fresh fuel as the tank is nearly empty.
Fucking champion.


  1. Arent you suppose to paint it first? mind you what would I know being from down under and all. Gald you got it sorted though. I am thinking of adding a wee vespa to the stable....not sure the other half is keen on another bike though. It really doesnt matter the size of the engine..being on two wheels is all that counts!!!1

  2. No offense Sunshine, but isn't it a bit raw calling a 90cc moped a motorbike?

    My brother used to have a CZ250 and even that wasn't exactly full of get-up and go.

  3. I was going to paint it, but I quite like the cobbled together look its got. Dunno about a Vespa though. Scooters wheels are tiny and they look a bit gay. Each to their own though. Maybe you should get a C90, they are the ultimate go anywhere bike!
    TSB, there are some who argue that the C90 is the most important bike ever made! They fucking rule! Don't knock it 'till you've tried it and all that. A CZ250 would be pretty sweet, I was thinking about chopping the C90 in for an MZ250 for a while. Do you ride a bike?

  4. You were right on the red arse Michael! Bloody hell, I love the gold of your cub too. I've had an email back from the guy up here, I'll forward it on to you. Think I'll go for a look when I'm back home.

  5. C90 is a proper motorbike, they have been ridden around the world,
    also Honda has made more money from step thru sales than any other model of bikes,
    get that red painted satin black Mike!,

  6. Keep that effin thing oot of my drive ;O)