Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Blog Challenge....

My mate Bruce, aka the nearly celebrity status cyclist Coastkid, has nominated me to complete a blog challenge that is kicking about. Nominated blogs have to contain a list of the following:

  • What's your most beautiful post.
  • What's been your most popular post.
  • What's been your most controversial post.
  • What's been your most helpful post.
  • Which posts success has surprised you most.
  • Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved.
  • Which post are you proudest of.

 I also have to nominate five other blogs for the challenge. If the authors are up for it, I nominate the following blogs.

New Zeland biker and abuse giver Roger's blog on his bikes, adventures and life in New Zeland.
The Diary of an Inept Mountain Biker written by Lowey, a keen cyclist and beer enthusiast who doesn't fuck about and tells it how it is.
I'm bouncing the challenge back to Bruce with this one. This is his other blog exploring alot of hisorical places and buildings around East Lothian and further afeild.
My mate Gav's blog on East Lothian's historic buildings and places. Lots of GPS stuff here too. Gav fucking loves GPS.
Winton Massif member and general sexy badass Ferg's Blog. Ferg's a gifted writer with a much better command of the written word than I have, but his blog is a relatively young one with not that many posts, so Ferg, you have a month to add more stuff to your blog before taking up this challenge. Are ye up for it??

So that's my nominations. Here's my posts for each category.

What's your most beautiful post?
This was quite a hard one. I don't have many posts that I'd consider beautiful. So I put it down to a post which just had me doing something I enjoy. So I think it would have to be Today Was A Good Day.

What's been your most popular post?
Thats an easy one. The most popular post on Mikeworld is 1919 Douglas. My Uncle Greaser was restoring this old bike so I got some pics of it.

What's been your most controversial post?
Another easy one. Before Mikeworld became what it is today, I pretty much just used my blog to rant about stuff. Here's one on Elderly Drivers.

What's been your most helpful post?
My most helpful post must be the review I did of my bike lights. I'd liked to have put one of my food posts up for this but the stats say that this post was one of my most popular. I hope its helped folk. Here is is. Magicshites

Which posts success has surprised you most?
This has to go to my post Hamfest. I was really suprised so many folk looked at this as Hamfest is only really attended by my mates. Still it got quite a few hits which is nice cos it was an awesome party.


Which of your posts do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved?
This was another hard one to answer. I don't really feel an of my posts deserve loads of attention. The one I picked is called Run To The Hills, I thought more people would have looked at it or commented on it as its so fucking stupid!

Which post are you proudest of?
This one has to go to Winton Massif 2011 Sloppy Seconds Tour, my post about my trip away up north on the GS. I liked how this post shows some of the places I love to visit in Scotland and I was pretty happy with the wee film at the end.
GS and Achiltibuie.

Challenge complete!


  1. MMMMM............I am always up for a challenge. SO saty tuned and I wil see what i can do in the next few days.

  2. Nice choice Mike, i will post up on the MTR blog mid week,

  3. Challenge complete... more difficult than I thought!