Saturday, November 12, 2011

And so it begins.....

Pugsley's been painted.

A few of you may remember me buying my mate Bruce's old Surly Pugsley frame. Well I got a message from Colin from Smillie Paint to say my frame is ready for collection. I nipped along to Colin's workshop where I saw a familiar shape hanging in the corner.

Pugsley's been painted.
Pugsley's been painted.

As always, Colin has done a great job. The colour turned out great and it should look awesome when its built up, which will be ongoing over the next few months. If you want an amazing paint job done or your bike (motorbike or pushbike) give Smillie Paint a shout at You wont be disappointed.

Pugsley's been painted.
Pugsley's been painted.

Commencing Project Pugsley!

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  1. Ha Ha!!
    Now we're talking Mike!!!
    Have fun, and the fire is firmly lit!!! ;)
    Pug U!!!