Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Hairy's Chopper.

Pruning 'Kinchie woods
I finally got new tyres on the push bike. My mate Paul gave me a WTB Stout, which I put on the front and I got a Panaracer Megablaster 2.5 off ebay for six quid. I fitted them a couple of days ago. To my utter joy GHC, Liam and Faithir arrived just as I was starting. They helped me no end by pointing out I was doing it wrong, getting in the road and generally slagging me off. Cheers guys.
Anyway, I got the tyres fitted and after coffees and tea the guys went home and I went for a wee pedal to make sure the tyres were fine. I headed round the corner to visit Dave and fucko! I got a puncture in the front. Luckily I had a spare tube so I chucked that in and I was sorted once more.


Yesterday I wanted to head out and try the tyres properly. My favorite local trail, 'kinchie woods, has been getting pretty overgrown. So I figured I'd combine the two, tyre test and trail maintenance, in one go. Dave said he was up for coming along, he brought his wee mini saw and I borrowed Big Hairy's machete, which made light work of the bushes. Whamo!

Pruning 'Kinchie woods
Dave gets his shit on with the machete.

Trimming the growth back really made a difference. Usually you get to the bottom with a bad case of 'Kinchie Arm, where your arms have been scratched to fuck by the holly bushes. All our hacking allows you to go a fair bit quicker down the trail but I still need to do a wee bit more pruning as I got smashed in the face by some twigs on the way down, and I was going fucking fast as HB was getting me a spicy haggis supper for my tea. Champion!
Haggis Supper
Fat cunt.

The new tyres have made a massive difference. No longer am I sliding about all over the shop. I've got shitloads of grip and they still roll easy enough to stop peddling up hills turning me into a wheezing mess. We went out for a night cycle this evening and I got another puncture, at the back end this time. Fucking nightmare! Hopefully that's me had my share of punctures for a wee while.
I'll end this post with another pic of Dave wielding that chopper.

Pruning 'Kinchie woods


  1. With the punctures out of the way right out of the gate, you should be good to go. Either that or you need to scour your trails with a magnet first to pick up screws and nails and other sharp objects. Find a way to magnetize the dog then let him run ahead and collect the debris.

    Great photos!

  2. Who's that nutbar with the machette ? I'd give him a wide berth ;O)

  3. Mike, you asked about the bikes in the background on my blog. One is a 1500 Kaw Vulcan Nomad, and the other is my wife's 1100 Yam V-star. We have had them out to Montana and also out to Connecticut, where my brother lives.

    I gotta go, Carlo

  4. thats the Butcher of Kinchie woods commonly known as Bell End Slappy