Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On Any Sunday.

When I was a wee boy I remember Faithir coming home with a video. It was a film called On Any Sunday. It was a documentary about bikes, mostly dirt bikes and racing, made in the 1970's by Bruce Brown. It doesn't sound like much, but even people with no interest in motorcycles love it. I was blown away by it. Once it was finished I jumped on my Yamaha BYZ pushbike and rode off pretending I was Malcolm Smith or Mert Lawwill and my wee Yamaha was an XR750 flat tracker or a Husqvarna 8 speed. As I grew up I watched the film over and over, telling my friends how good it is. I never got bored watching On Any Sunday. These days, if one of the 'Massif say they haven't seen On Any Sunday there are multiple roars of "You haven't seen On Any Sunday? You haven't seen On Any Sunday????" Then everyone else will start quoting some of the one liners from the film.

"Desert racers are good people"

"Try jumping out of your car at 120 miles per hour"

"He kept saying You guys are nuts!"

"The flying W."

I've seen On Any Sunday well over 100 times and I'd be happy to watch it again right now. I was going to say go to your local video shop (or DVD shop) and buy a copy, and you still should.
But if you're in a hurry and desperate to see it I have found it on youtube. The whole film. You can watch it below.

Oh, and I still have my wee Yamaha BYZ. Faithir and Maw bought it for me from Better Bikes, a motorbike shop that used to be in Edinburgh. It's cool as fuck, check out the drum brakes and the suspension. An ace bike for a wee laddie to kick about on. I dunno what Jake is up to in the photo.
Yamaha BYZ

On to the film.



  1. Top Quote;
    "Mert Lawill is a gentle man in a Violent world"


  2. Great movie. I haven't seen it in a few years.

    That Yamaha BYZ is sweet. I think Jake is just making sure the chain is adjusted for you. Just checking the tension, yeah?

  3. A few beers and and a feed of Fish and Chio, and this movie to watch, sounds like a great night, dont think my partner is to keen though.

  4. I think Jakes given it a check over - more than you did in the past 30Years