Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Andy, Bruce and Steven on tonight nightride. I'm fucking knackered now.

The clocks have changed here now, so its dark by around half five in the evening. Lucky for me I got a new light for the pushbike! I've still got my magicshite on my bars from last year, but now I have a light on my lid too. I got another light from deal extreme, a bargain for under £30 quid delivered. It makes a big difference having the extra light, especially on really twisty trails.
Helmet magicshite.
I've been out using it loads on the local trails. Andy, Steven, Bruce and myself went for a good cycle tonight. The pace was fucking mental (for me). I'm much fitter than I was but I still have a fair bit to go. My legs are going to be fucking sore tomorrow. Earlier in the week Bruce, Gary and I went for a wee halloween ride. Bruce made this wee film with his Gopro. It can get well spooky way up in the woods, especially when folk are putting the shits up you. Cheers guys. Here's Bruce's film.

Bikes and totem poles.
Me, Roli and Bruce on the railway walk.

We've been out during the day too. Faithir and Roli the dug joined us on a wee cycle. I borrowed Bruce's gopro and chest mount to make a wee film. We both did different edits, here are the films.

Again, now its muddy as fuck, I'm sliding around all over the place in the mud with my dry tyres. I've still got a Conti Mountain King on the front, which worked fine but now its worn out. On the rear I've got a Michelin Dry 2. You can probably tell by the name that its a bit shit in the wet mud.
Sooooo. I've been looking at loads of different tyres. They have to be cheap, as in under twenty quid, and strong enough to take my large body smashing them into stuff. I had a mountain king on the rear but I pinch flatted it all the time then burst the sidewall. I've been browsing away like hell but on tonight's cycle Andy offered me a pair of Conti Rubber Queens so I'm going to give them a shot and see how it goes.

Now to find a chrimbo pressie for HB. Anyone got an opinion on the Kindle?


  1. You looking good in the lyrca! lol.....I bet your missus likes it! kudos to you for getting out in the dark, not some thing i would be keen on. If you can keep fit doing some thing you love it makes a big difference to your motivation.

  2. Mike,

    I have the panaracer xc on my hardtail and they held up well on the outing where we were pretending to be submarines, The Pentlands, Inners and Fife Coastal Path. Only downside is you will need to splash the cash for anything over a 2.1.
    I also got a loan of a set of Halo Knobblies when I had my Giant, they were brilliant in the mud, just not sure how puncture resistant they will be on proper East Lothian Trails.


  3. In the woods...nobody here`s you scream...

  4. Mikey, cheap as chips mud tyres, i ran these last year on the Dale that your dad has;

  5. mike Ive got a Michelin mud tyre unused in the shed you can have for nowt If you want. Give us a bell next time your In the Royal burgh of Tranent.